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MOLET means MOdulate your palLET.

We offer you a renovative thinking about furniture. A Sustainable, modular, creative way of furnishing your personal & working spaces, using upcycled wood pallets.

MOLET started as a fun project, just a few friends hanging out, creating something cool – and useful – with their own two hands. Now we want you to have the same experience: that’s what the workshops are for. Suitable for all genders, ages, professions and capabilities, we take our participants and customers through a journey of designing and creating a sustainable high­-end designed furniture piece, while keeping it fun, cosmopolitan and timeless.

At MOLET, the creative process is a flickering out of everyday’s reality, where together we re­imagine your space and re­design your surroundings.

Let’s partner together on a design adventure that leads to better living.



Fresh Paint #10
molet live April 2018 Tel Aviv Convention Center, Israel

The Occasion? “Fresh Paint” is an annual art and design fair showcasing in Tel Aviv for 10 years now. The event draws many visitors, of various ages. We were invited to create a workshop for kids.

What did we do? Invited all Fresh Paint #10 visitors to Wood work & play with us. Participants of all ages were able to actively take part in the design process, and get a small taste of eco-friendly, high-end handmade woodwork, while keeping it simple and (a lot of) fun!

Surprised we were as our workshop had been SO popular not only amongst kids, but with their parents and random creative grownups, willing to work with their hands.
A lot of wooden boats, bunnies, monsters, bicycle & skateboard rack were made that day.

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