An Impactful Summer

MLT story August 26, 2021 By Molet Team

With a month left of my second year in university, I wasn’t entirely sure what a major in Sociology or a minor in Environmental Studies could do for me that wouldn’t have me bored and mentally drained from insignificant and exhaustive work. While I was excited for my upcoming summer abroad, searching for jobs was stressing me out with all the “best options” having to do with government policy—a fight that is important, but at 20 years old and knowing probably not enough about how my own American government works, let alone an Israeli one, I felt significantly underqualified and uninterested in work that sees no end.

Progress is good, it’s a fundamental part about being human and achieving whatever dreams one may desire. So instead I asked myself, “what do you care about?” As one might guess by my unruly long hair, dark sun kissed skin, dirtied shoes, and raggedy hiking backpack I like the outdoors. Naturally, working somewhere that has a passion for preservation and looks past all the unnecessary consumption in the world is a place I would be happy contributing towards. After finding MOLET, I knew it would be an instant connection. As someone who has touched on the DIY process—and unknowingly upcycled as well—by crafting a makeshift climbing wall during COVID, MOLET’s process of social change and environmental impact through a simple concept of DIY is one I had to be a part of.


Testing out my climbing wall with used and homemade holds, April 2020


While any first experience will come with nervousness, MOLET has a certain “cool” factor about themselves that you don’t see in very many companies—let alone ones that care about their people and planet. Within their website, their social media posts, and of course the workshop design studio itself, I found they carried a class of elegance that is on par with the values they uphold. 

From the first day I was met with smiles and hugs. While I of course wanted to learn more about who they were, everyone was asking questions about myself, my background, and my experience coming to Israel from America. I quickly learned they aren’t just a group of “creative professionals”, but people who live for the desire of educational change. They’re people who surf, bike, and climb not just for fitness, but because the communities and nature surrounding such activities promote a purposeful life. They taught me that DIY isn’t for just those who have the “artistic mind” to create, but for anyone who simply has the motivation to get out of their comfort zone, learn something new, and make an influence on their future.


Working on the Pallet Revolution


I am pleased to have been introduced to the MOLET family and will continue to uphold their message as I know it is one many should come to learn. They truly care about the people they work with and the ground they stand upon; and I’m genuinely excited to see what the future holds.


Ben Eckman, July 2021