MLT story June 27, 2023 By Einat

Crazy Weather and Discussions about the End of the World

The weather has been erratic lately, with heatwaves in February and rainstorms in June, sudden floods, and a yellow haze of dust. While discussions about the weather used to be the domain of the British in the past, nowadays, it’s a topic that we can’t ignore, and the truth is that it’s not advisable to do so. Climate change impacts all of us and will continue to have a greater effect on our lives in the future.

So, who mentioned the climate crisis? This not-so-innocent term describes the tremendous consequences of global warming on our climate and, as a result, on the existence of humanity as a whole. The bad news is that the crisis is intensifying. The good news is that there is something we can do to mitigate it. Let’s remember that the climate crisis is a man-made act, and therefore, it’s only through human effort that we can change the script and attempt to repair what has been destroyed by our own hands and factories.

Aspiration for Circularity! The current linear economy is a cycle in which people take, consume, and discard, based on increased production and consumption. This model needs to transition to a circular economy where we learn to manage our pollution and waste while reusing the same materials over and over, thereby restoring natural systems. The transition to a circular model requires the involvement of all of us: businesses, governments, consumers, cities, manufacturing, and professions. Only then can we reduce excessive production and consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and the climate crisis

This is where MOLET’s action comes into the picture. Our movement aims to raise public awareness, from preschoolers to the elderly, that we can do things differently. While we may not be a giant corporation, we believe that through proper business activities, meaningful collaborations, and the transfer of our knowledge, we can increase our environmental and societal impact and reach more and more people and companies. We do this every day, all day, and in significant quantities. We collect discarded wood surfaces, repurpose them into sustainable furniture and design, and thus give each surface a new life

How do we maintain motivation for creating change? By seeing the change!

How do we see the change? Just like in any field – we measure and compare.

And what do we measure? Impact, of course. Environmental and societal impact.



For the second year in a row, we have produced a detailed and in-depth Impact Report that allows us to see the progression, results, and effectiveness of MOLET. Creating an Impact Report requires developing a methodology for investigating, assessing and measuring various factors throughout the year. This Impact Report is a significant milestone in a long, challenging, and goal-oriented journey: to improve, or perhaps more accurately, to save the world in which we live

The report concludes, of course, with a forward-looking perspective and setting our goals for the current year. Just like in any area of life, setting rational goals that can be achieved and finding ways to reach the main goal is crucial in sustainability

We are excited to present our Impact Report for the past year, 2022, which is much more than a collection of high numbers. For us, it justifies our existence and action and serves as a path to a better world

You also have the power to change the script. Think green, think circular, think about our unique planet – we only have one like it




Galia Shutz

Partner at MOLET, an environmental and social activist, has been finding different and diverse ways to raise awareness about the sustainable world for the past decade


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