MY PALLET REVOLUTION – Anastasia Ledvich

MLT story June 12, 2022 By Molet Team

My journey in Israel began in Tel Aviv, where I arrived hoping to gain professional experience, use English language in my job (I’m Russian) and study Hebrew. I found an internship offer by MOLET, a company that upcycles wooden pallets and teaches people how to create furniture with their own hands. I had a background in Russia, working for 9 years in sales & account management and customer support, and here for the first time I worked not directly with people, but behind the scenes, combining marketing and social impact. MOLET gave me an opportunity to try new things, an absolutely new field for me, and I’m very glad and thankful for that.  



When I came to the internship for the first time, I found myself in a large and friendly family. Here, all people are involved in an incredible miracle that the company brings to life every day: instead of garbage, wooden pallets turn into real pieces of art, so to say furniture they create. MOLET gives you tools and inspires you to bring your imagination into the world and experience hand-on design. 

The very first week I joined one of the workshops, and it was one of the most bright and amazing experiences that I had here in Israel. I could never imagine how easy and simple it is to make furniture, but also how easy it is to make your small contribution to the circular economy. I love the idea of recycling, upcycling and saving nature, and I felt my own impact on this world here, at MOLET.  

Working in the marketing field, I analyzed the market and found out that we are actually doing a unique thing: in the whole world there is no other company, who would take pallets from the streets and teach other people how to make furniture for their homes as a workshop activity.  



Working in the social impact field, I have been writing an impact report and measured the impact we did, and with my own eyes I traced the path of our company from a small idea to a successful business. It started with an activity for fun between friends, and look how far we’ve come: our pallet revolution united more than 7500 people during 2021 year! All these people made a real impact to save trees from cutting and created something beautiful. It is so incredibly inspiring.



I decided to stay in Israel, did aliyah, and now I continue my journey here as a citizen. MOLET taught me so much, and I appreciate the opportunities that this place gave to me. I learned a lot about upcycling, I took part and made my own impact on this company, and this place impacted me as well. I feel very glad for the experience I had here. I am saying goodbye, but I’m absolutely sure we are going to meet again. The most important lesson I learned here is best said by this quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” (Margaret Mead, anthropologist). And this group of citizens is MOLET.


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