Upcycle yourself : a blueprint for a good life

MLT story September 29, 2021 By Molet Team

Upcycle yourself: a blueprint for a good life


I was concerned that my stay in Tel Aviv could in time turn out to be an enchanting break in my life and that’s all, that my return to France would seal the return to “life as usual”, with the risk of coming back to my foregoing self. 

But a friend told me: “ The place doesn’t matter, it’s just about bringing the spirit you experience in Tel Aviv with MOLET wherever you go, simply being the person you are here but there.”  And he is so right, there is no turning back. MOLET is a contagious way of living and it got me. I will keep upcycling myself. 


It’s not only about turning pallets into furniture—which is already a great deal in itself: in 2 years it’s 2488 pallets that won’t end in landfills, 191 trees not logged, 2,250 tCO2e not emitted:  assessing MOLET’s impact was the point of my internship—but it’s also about making things by ourselves when society wants us to be consumers. It’s about seeking frugality when our economy is founded on overproduction and wastage. These guidelines are keys to a sustainable future but also to a good life I guess. At least this is how I get a sense of fulfillment and freedom, learn the “skills to live”, learn how to meet my basic needs and reconnect to simplicity. 


To actually follow this mantra was no foregone conclusion, I had barely used a tool before and I called for help as soon as a device was dysfunctioning….A recent French song entitled “ New World” by Feu! Chatterton kind of encapsulates this, and it’s not a coincidence if its cover is as blue as MOLET’s visual identity. It goes like this:  “A new world, we all dreamt of it, but what were we able to do with our hands, zero, catch the bluetooth…. What were we able to do with our hands, almost nothing, almost nothing…..”

The band is goddamn right, it’s easy to call for a new world but we have to tinker with the existing system and get our hands dirty.  I, for one, had the intuition that I liked woodworking but I never dealt with this blurred desire before meeting MOLET. Now that I tried upcycling, I can’t stop but pursue it. That’s why I will learn carpentry and find a job dealing with the circular economy.


Caught out at my own game, Molet impacted me while I was busy qualifying its impact on others. 


Lila Bigio

August 2021