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So why did you decide to make these MOLET in the first place?

We like pallets because they’re everywhere – around the city and in every country. It’s something we all have in common no matter where in the world we are. But it’s also something that usually becomes trash when its job is done. So we decided to use our design skills for a good cause and turn those old pallets into something which is elegant, cool, modular and useful for you, giving you a one of a kind furniture.

How handy do I need to be to join a MOLET workshop?

Not at all. Our workshops are designed for real wood novices. All you need are a free few hours, and we’ll provide the rest.

The workshops are very much suitable for everyone, couples, friends, family celebrations, something cool to do with kids (well, at a stage that you’re not scared when they hold sharp objects), and colleagues wishing to upgrade team bonding.

Can I get a private workshop?

We recommend you first take a look at our general information page .

Sure. If you have your own suitable work space we can meet you there, or you can stop by our studio and get your very own private workshop. If you’re interested, get in touch here.

Time is money. How long will it take?

Great that you’ve asked! We’ve got two kinds of workshops for you – The 3Hours and The 5Hours, each of them ends with you holding a new piece of furniture you DDIYed (Designed and Did It Yourself, Hooray!).

At The 3Hours, you’ll be able to make – Mini MOLET, a small shelves’ unit; a Cool Stool; or an Organizer for your improved workspace. At The 5Hours, you’ll be able to make one of our bigger shelving units, the MOLET CLASSIC; or the minimal yet practical JANGER.
If needed, a custom-made workshop is also an option.
Our pallets await your imagination!

What would happen if I signed up for a workshop but then realized I can’t go?

You can cancel your workshop spot up to one week before the workshop takes place and either get your money back, sign up for another future workshop or give your spot to a friend.

Can I reserve a MOLET?

Unfortunately, no. You have to order and pay for your MOLET first. You see, we make one of a kind products. That means the item you click will be removed from our online selection.

What can I do if the product I want is out of stock?

In our experience that’s very rare! But if it does happen to you, try again in a few days – by then we will have refilled our stock. Promise.

Can I see the product before buying it online?

You’re more than welcome to stop by our MOLET HOUSE and check it out (Ben Gamliel 2, Jaffa, TLV). 

I want to order a present. Can you deliver it to my friend?

Of course! You just have to enter your friend’s address instead of your own. Don’t worry, they won’t receive any information about the purchase – only the MOLET itself. Or you can buy them a Gift-A-MOLET for a product here, and they can decide which MOLET they want!

I didn’t receive my order confirmation. What should I do?

First try checking your spam/junk folder. If it’s not there, please get in touch and we can send it to you again.

What kind of payment options do you offer?

At the moment you can pay with Credit Cards through PayPal. Or if you’re in Argentina threw ”mercado pago”

How the delivery of the kits works?

MOLET products are only available for purchase in Israel. You can order whichever kit (or kits!) you like and we will deliver them straight to your address. The charge for delivery changes according to location.

Will you be sending me an invoice?

Yes. You’ll get your invoice right to your email inbox

Why pallets?

Well, why not? Seriously though – we’ve always been attracted to this idea of upcycling. Pallets are perfect: they’re made of strong wood that we can use in any number of ways and give them a new life.

What’s the difference between MOLET and any other recycled furniture?

We take pride in our quality. The design, the modularity, the finishing of the wood… Everything is top notch, just how you deserve it. Plus, we see ourselves as ‘open source’ designers. If you want to build your MOLET at home, we offer our instructions for free.

The wood in my MOLET is not perfect. Is it supposed to be that way?

It is. The wood we use comes from pallets, which aren’t perfect to begin with. They’ve had a long and full life, traveling by boat, plane, trucks… Those imperfections tell a story, and we love it that way.

What finishing do you use for the wood?

We like it natural, but you can go ahead and give it any other finishing treatments like oil, lacquer, paint – you can be as creative as you like.

Is all the wood you use recycled?


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