The pallet revolution

MOLET means to MOdulate your palLET.
MOLET is re-thinking furniture. It’s a sustainable, modular, cool and innovative way to furnish our living and working spaces from upcycled wood pallets. It’s to Design and Do It Yourself.
Wood pallets used for shipments are typically discarded after their shipping days are done.
We foster a new earthly consciousness that enjoys the art of repurposing, giving these wood pallets a second life.
We are MOLET, a team of architects, industrial and graphic designers who revolutionize the way we furnish our surroundings.
At MOLET, the creative process is a flickering out of everyday’s reality,

where together we re­imagine your space and re­design your surroundings. We take you through a journey of designing and creating your own sustainable high­-end design furniture, while keeping it fun, cosmopolitan and timeless.
Our design process enables everyone to participate, without the need for any special capabilities.  We invite you to rediscover your creativity and the joy of creating things by hand.
The first MOLET house in Tel Aviv is the hub for our innovative-culture-sustainable design center. This is where all the magic happens – workshops, showroom, factory and the studio along with new developing projects.
Our house opens the door to many other houses and emotions. All are invited.
We’ll partner together on a design adventure that leads to better living.

The Family

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creative director

Ari is an architect who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires who co-founded LIMA, an architecture studio based in Buenos Aires and DALE, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Tel Aviv.

Ari started MOLET with Juan and Marto in Buenos Aires, as a fun project. Just to meet with friends in the weekends, sharing quality time, eating together and creating something new from trash with their own hands. Wooden pallets thrown in the streets were a source of inspiration, so it was only natural that the next step would be to explore their potential as raw material. As arrived to israel and met Eli and Asaf, he started searching for a way of transforming MOLET design system into a D.D.I.Y. workshop. The power of the workshop RULES ever since!

Ari especially enjoys concept development: analyzing a new project’s DNA and envisioning what it can one day become. For him, sustainability means respecting natural cycles – encouraging continuity and finding smart and useful ways to use the natural resources around us.

logistics & operations

Asaf is one of MOLET Tel-Aviv’s co founders. His job is to turn dream into wood and iron realities. He believes deeply in sustainability and recycled furniture – it’s the best possible combination of past, present and future, but it’s also the only sensible way to live. Why create pieces from new material when we’re surrounded by excellent raw material everywhere we go?
By the time MOLET was founded, Asaf had come a long way. He got his degree in industrial design from the Holon Institute of Technology, and co-founded DALE, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Tel Aviv.
Asaf loves his morning coffee in the studio almost as much as he loves bouncing on the trampoline. In fact, we’re pretty sure he’s building a olympic trampoline career when we’re not keeping an eye on him.

product design & development

Eli is MOLET Tel-Aviv’s co-founder and the person in charge of product design and development, as well as marketing and maintaining the studio’s professional connections. He has a clear and focused vision: he wants to see a MOLET in every home. There’s nothing he likes better than the enthusiastic feedbacks we get from happy customers who are head over heels for their new MOLET.
Eli studied industrial design in the Holon Institute of Technology and co-founded several design studios including DALE and DISSHOUSE FURNITURE. Now he’s using all those skills and experience to bring MOLET as far as it can go. Eli is a firm believer in sustainability – that’s why he’s so passionate about creating new designs from old pallets.
If he’s not working on an exciting new model in the studio, that means he’s probably at the beach, surfing (or preparing to sail the seven seas, which we’re hoping he‘ll wait for retirement to do. We need him!)

content manager

Juli studied graphic design in the University of Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She founded LUPA, a graphic design studio, and worked in several other successful firms. Now she’s a partner in MOLET Tel-Aviv and in charge of developing content and communications – from digital platforms to printed materials. She manages the website and social media presence, bringing MOLET to the people (and them to the studio).
She’s a visionary who believes that recycled furniture is a way of contributing to future generations by doing what she loves best: design. She enjoys the work process as a whole – seeing an idea become a reality through hard work and cooperation.
In her free time, too, she’s all about learning by doing. She likes to wander around without a particular destination in mind. (How else could you ever reach where you really should be?)


Creative advisor

Paco is an accomplished copywriter, photographer and art director who has worked in some of the advertising world’s best firms, and has even founded several successful brands of his own, currently working as founder and creative director of Remolino. Paco is MOLET’s creative advisor, and without him the studio would not be the same.
Paco measures his success in the happiness of the customers and as he helps other creatives reach their full potential. He challenges himself – and his clients – to always try and find a new way to think.
Even when he’s not at work, he’s always learning something new: from his children, from life, from art exhibitions, from nature… Every object has a story to tell, if you only listen close enough.

Administration in Buenos Aires

Matias is an industrial engineer, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. His one of the partners of our Buenos Aires branch, in charge of our budget analysis and administration. As the renaissance man that he is Matias is also an entrepreneur, owns an architecture studio, developed a wood toy company, partnered in a commercial company, and develops real estate. All that and he still has time to spend with his family and friends.
He feels that success is measured by the size of the smile you wake up with each morning & the one you end up with at the end of a hard day’s work. He was always interested in recycling, using existing trash rather than producing new one, but if he hasn’t been working with us, he would probably been fissioning it to atoms as physics scientist. Now, aren’t you glad we exist?

logistics in Buenos Aires

Apart from MOLET, it’s safe to say that Juan loves sports more than anything else. There’s no better time of day than when he’s playing soccer, tennis, surfing, or even just hanging out with friends, losing money in poker.
Still – MOLET comes first. He’s on of the great people who run MOLET in Buenos Aires, bringing our workshops halfway around the world. For Juan, recycling furniture is all about finding each item’s DNA and seeing its potential and how it can turn into a million other things. It’s all a puzzle, waiting for him to convert, upgrade, upcycle and reuse it. He loves working with his hands – really getting to know the material up close.
Juan got his architecture degree from the University of Buenos Aires, and since then has managed an amazing career in some of the finest studios in Argentina. Well, he’s ours now!

product developer in Buenos Aires

Ari follows the  path of small achievements, like small brushstrokes that manage to be a beautiful picture, all the way to success. He’s not only enjoying it. He loves using his mind and hands, the tools, to pass his knowledge to others, and to do it the best possible way – surrounded by friends!
Routine is not something that characterizes Ari’s days. There are days in which he enjoys picking up his son from school, accompanied by his dog , and others in which he dedicates a lot of time to cooking a tasty dinner. You think that’s enviable? Try his weekends.Ari dedicates his time for family and friends, barbeques, and traveling places with his motorcycle. Since he believes that recycling is a way of focusing, no wonder his secret (SHUSH, don’t tell anyone) hobbies are Japanese motorcycles of the 80’s and condition recorders to microcassette!

RRPP in Buenos Aires

Marlene is an industrial designer, art director, event planner, who graduated from University of Buenos Aires. Imagining, she says, is the best part of her work with us in creative marketing.
Marlene is passionate about art and cooking, and believes success is a fiction, since we all have everything we need right in front of us. Even if the thing you like collecting is actually out of this world, like an Extra-Terrestrial friend right out of an 80’s movie. Luckily, she prefers spending her weekends with more earthly friends.

Instructor & workshop developer in Tel Aviv

Mention the words “Functional Design” and you’ll get Efi the misty eyes. The transformation of the industrial wooden pallets to a very personal and useful piece of furniture is exciting for him, so he’s keen on passing the knowledge forward. Changing the way others perceive those pallets and get them equally eager to design things by themselves is his personal success.

Efi defines his daily work as a play, in which he gets so many ideas to spread around and start building, until something falls into place and gets to be extra developed. His workshop participants get the same experience.

If you wish to casually bump into Efi on weekends, try to visit the market, where he strolls, do his shopping and plan a freshly cooked meal. If you’re lucky enough to be one of his friends, you might even get invited.

Instructor & Cultural Coordinator in Tel Aviv

Tal, AKA- Talko is someone who appreciates the flow of creation, the gratification of well performed work and the practical, emotional and physical aspects of reusing what’s already out there.
To him, continuous learning and improvement all the way to perfection, is the definition of success.
Working at the Tel-Aviv branch of MOLET, Tal enjoys the people, the rhythm, the positive vibes of creation and good deeds. Speaking of rhythm and good vibes, music and design are two thirds of Tal’s greatest passions. The third is everything with wheels. So much he likes them that he is totally into opening a bike shop, if he’ll ever have some free time to do so.
Meanwhile, Tal’s free time is dedicated to friends, music, traveling and using forces of nature for plants sculpting. Creativity never stops.

Moral Supporter at the Buenos Aires studio

Martin (you can call him Marto, he’d like that) is all about design. For him, the very fact that he is able to turn crazy and original ideas into an actual product he can hold, already spells success. He likes the thought of giving a new life to an old object, and seeing strangers connect to it just like he did.

Marto is a designer by nature. He was the co-founder and creative director of several successful companies such as BANGA BOARDS and BLIKER.

As  one of the guys who brought the news of MOLET to Argentina, until today Marto is there for the Buenos Aires team. That’s no easy task! That’s why after a long day’s work he likes to relax with art, good food, a couple of beers and… some Nintendo time. Mario Bros for the win!

Workshop instructor

Working with what you already have was a game changer for Ari, who defines the moment of meeting a new piece of wood, his best moment of the day. His cheerful point of view makes him rejoice upon others’ happiness at the end of a workshop, as they hold their new handmade creation.
Apart from being one of our workshop instructors, Ari is very much into the creative process, designing and building things. Or making things grow. He’s very good at it. Perhaps it’s because he’s trying to connect more with nature.

Instructor in Tel Aviv

Boaz is one of our Tel-Aviv workshop instructors. Since he’s also a personal trainer, he also pumps everyday with motivation and good vibes.
He loves what his doing here, as he gets to see many people succeed every day. Even the wooden pallets get new and improved lives at the workshops.
Boaz is a man of goals and achievements, and his routine includes a relaxed daily cup of espresso and a weekly visit to his parents, were he can catch up with some workout and other leisure time activities he doesn’t have time for throughout the week.
Going out for a nice walk is an opportunity for Boaz, who really enjoys gazing at the tall buildings’ architecture and finding weird hidden treasures.we’re not sure what he’s doing in the afterhours, but he really wishes to be a great partygoer. We know you can do it, Boaz!

instructor in Tel Aviv

Gil is a training carpenter, working with us as a workshop instructor at our Tel Avivian branch.

He had always enjoyed woodworking, and as his environmental awareness awakened, he moved to working with recycled wood.

This awareness to the raw material, and the ways we – consumers, creators and human beings living on this planet – use it, define sustainability in his point of view.

Gil is a guy who simply enjoys life, and when he’s happy – he succeeds.

The ultimate combo of great people (we’re blushing), good vibes and the materials used here, makes MOLET the perfect workplace for him.

Respecting nature, Gil spends his leisure time growing mushrooms and hiking, mainly with friends.

Hadn’t he worked with us, the mushrooms would have turned from a hobby to an occupation. Or he would have chosen blacksmithing.

Instructor in Tel Aviv

Eliel is a very busy man: He’s a performing musician, on his way to his first solo album, a soundman  with ongoing projects all over the country, and an eco-friendly carpenter. On top of that, he still finds time to work as a workshop instructor here at the MOLET House Tel Aviv.
The industrial waste reusing and repurposing signifies the birth of a new smarter era, in which Eliel and other people create new and exciting things with their hands, even if they never did before. Therefore, he enjoys working with people, helping them learn this new skill.
Every artist has his charming weird ways. Eliel’s include going to the desert to read, play and travel, enjoying the sunsets, and sniffing his socks at the end of each day. Inspiring!

Instructor in Tel Aviv

Noa is one of our Israeli workshop instructors, currently studies Industrial Design.
Her favorite part of the day is the 1st cup of coffee. Since she’s a morning person, after that she’s filled with the energy to create loads of something out of nothing. But wait, her creation has to meet two very important keynotes in order to be considered successful – love & passion. Otherwise, Noa would probably prefer using her imaginative brain and skillful hands doing something else, like Origami. Or just leave everything, travel to India and learn how to play the Bansuri.

Instructor in Tel Aviv

Nofar is an Industrial Design student, who works with us as one of our workshop instructors.
She loves the idea of giving used and unwanted pieces and materials a new purpose and function, creating something new, useful and beautiful. Nofar’s best part of the day is the part when she feels the light bulb of new ideas turns on. She prefers it would happen on the beach. Or while hiking, if the weather forces her out of the beach. There’s a whole world of raw and exciting dumped materials out there, Nofar says, waiting for us to repurpose them, combine them, and turn them into endless possibilities for us to use.
Hadn’t Nofar worked with us, she would have been a cook at some fancy Tel-Aviv restaurant or a wine bar. Hope she wouldn’t serve recycled food on the menu.

Instructor in Tel Aviv

Nir believes in recycling, and enjoys working with wood, this is why he’s so perfect as one of our workshop instructors.
His favorite part of the day, is the one with the moon and stars, his favorite weekend activity is going to the beach, and he enjoys wandering the streets and close looking at plants. Nir is actually a photographer/artist in the bud. Perhaps he would build an upcycled really cool camera one day, and wrap it all together.

Instructor in Tel Aviv

Barkay is a student for Industrial Design, and a workshop instructor in our Tel-Aviv branch.
He enjoys seeing the people happy and gratified with what they’ve created in one of his workshops, this is success for him.
Barkay wishes to live meaningful life, and pay attention to all the little things around us. Everything we need is already out there, he says.
If it was a dating show, we would have told you that he also enjoys going to the beach to see the sunset. Since it’s not, we’ll tell you that he enjoys rehabilitating plants. Which is also a form of recycling. We’re so proud!

content writer

Yael is our content writer, which, together with Juli Liberson, is incharge of every word written here (yes, including these words).

She really loves her job, so the best part of her day is when the stars and a strong cup of coffee accompany her nonstop typing.

Sustainability, if you ask her, is a matter of awareness, constantly asking yourself whether a certain decision of consumption is mandatory.

As weekend comes, you’ll find Yael traveling with her family, playing football with her very energetic twin boys, cooking and doing all those patiently waiting house chores she doesn’t have time for throughout the week.

Professional Mascot

Like all good things and greatest inventions, Taylor had also been created by mistake.

As our first exhibition came, one of our beloved most talented team members (not pointing anyone) designed the graphics that were going to express our tailor made abilities. Turned out it wasn’t supposed to be spelled “Taylor”.

Taylor is with us ever since, sustainable and charming. When he’s not working on his very secret skills, he enjoys modelling the new collections, dancing on our Instagram stories and living the good life of the true celebrity that he is.

The Cycles

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