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Turning the revolution into reality. Our different project strands are all about giving new life to materials, working with clients and communities to take ownership of the positive cycle and rethink the spaces around us. We believe in honest, collaborative design, giving everyone the tools to make a positive social change not only in workshops but through architecture, events, projects and interventions.

Bringing meaningful ideas to life. Flexible, multidisciplinary and honest.

Our interior design and architecture projects offer a different approach to transforming spaces in a more meaningful way. We work closely with clients to find creative and original solutions that are more modular, flexible. Sourcing our ideas from the different backgrounds, skills and disciplines in our team we believe, in designing spaces that are honest to materials and honest to their users.

Transform your relationship with materials, people and public spaces.

Upcycle your city is a series of small scale interventions to improve public spaces with and for the local community. They are spontaneous, fun and a great way to involve local people in the process of ‘design and do it yourself’, an opportunity to understand your neighbourhood in a different way, use your hands and connect with people for positive change.

Passionate about collaboration, we bring our energy to live interventions, exhibitions and culture events, giving everyone a chance to take part.

Molet Live is a series of projects that look at collaborating with people who share our passion and values and finding fun and creative ways to raise awareness, promote and involve different groups in the pallet revolution.

Doing something meaningful and build relationships to make a positive social impact.

Our Impact Projects are a fun and unique hands-on experience that contributes to positive social change. We believe in doing something meaningful together that contributes to long-lasting social impact. These projects focus on connecting between the individual creative process, a team’s positive participation and delivering direct social benefits to local community groups.


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Wish to get us to create a custom made project, designed for your needs? Contact us & we will brainstorm together. Forecast says it’s gonna be pouring ideas.

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