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upcycle your city April 2017 Tel Aviv, Israel

Who? AfikoMOLET (Afikoman+MOLET). The “Afikoman” is a piece of Matzah, the Passover bread, which according to customs, is hidden by head of household for the children to find, or alternatively the children may steal it and ransom the Afikoman back.
Aim of the game? For bypassers, to find the AfikoMOLET. For us, to create an engaging social activity, that’ll make people  while re-discover the great potential of creative thinking and doing through recycle.
What did we do? Throughout April 2017, just before Passover, we’ve hid all over Tel-Aviv surprise holiday gifts, the AFIKOMOLET- wood pieces granting participation in our workshops, in which people would have ended up with a new piece of furniture.
Upcycling the Seder here!

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