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Celebrate with Molet

molet live January 2017 Hanasich bar, Tel Aviv, Israel

The event? Our first MOLET website launching party at “HaNasich” bar, Tel Aviv.
The Challenge? We were invited to design a new entrance for the HaNasich (The Prince) bar, a popular place on Nahalat Binyamin st. in Tel Aviv. In addition, we wished to celebrate our then-new website. Combining “HaNasich” trendy and stylish atmosphere while presenting our sustainable brand? We’re on it.
What did we do? Our inspiration for the design came from the bar’s original ceramic tiles that we echoed in flat and 3D shapes made from recycled wood (you know it’s our thing). The newly designed entrance represents the unique character of “HaNasich” bar.
During the party celebrated for the new entrance, we held an exhibition, “MOLET Stories”, showing 300 pictures of our workshop participants with the MOLET they created. Since we never miss an opportunity, we also raised a toast to the New Year, introduced a line of accessories and most importantly, we launched our first new website.

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