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Finance Magnates

architecture & design June 2016 Ramat Gan, Israel

Who? Finance Magnates is a business and finance knowledge hub, combining digital news, print editions and live events. Their local Ramat Gan office just had to embody that variety.

The Challenge? Privacy vs. The power of the masses. Finance Magnates asked for a design which encourages spontaneous, casual meetings between employees.

What Did We Do? Exactly that. There’s plenty of privacy for meetings and managerial work, but there are also a lot of open space offices, spread around the space organically. To further emphasize the balance between the communal and the private, we played around with transparency. We used polycarbonate and glass, and created for them a tailor-made design combining those materials with natural wood and black iron. We saved the color splashes for the carpets and the wall decals (Artistically abstracted the world map. Got it?)

Collaboration with Dale Design studio.

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