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Jaffa port wall

social impact April 2022 jaffa port

This art installation was designed by PESH in collaboration with our Studio, and  carried out together with the local community of Jaffa.

The colorful mosaic connects Jaffa motifs with elements from the oceanic world and thus integrates into the renewed Jaffa Port, reputed to be The oldest active port in the world, combining community, culture and local commercial life. 

The project was led by “Out of the Box” NGO, and was initiated by Reality group and Nadlans group, which enhance real estate along with promoting urbanism and inspiring public spaces.
The project was made in partnership with Jaffa Port of the Atarim Group.

The trees in this installation are reused:

480 meters of 37 pallets, which are 3 trees saved


Photos by: Raisa verbickaya

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