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Kornit Digital x The Yard

social impact July 2021 Bat Yam, Israel

The “Yard” in the Design Terminal is a rehabilitation nursery that employs mental contenders and gives them the opportunity to work, create a daily routine and meet new people. The workers in the “Yard” do gardening work, connecting to the land and nature and are responsible for all the day-to-day care of the nursery and its store.

In a large and special impact workshop for 120 Kornit Digital employees, they built huge planters, stands for seedlings and furniture from 48 discarded pallets from the vicinity of the Design Terminal (without unnecessary polluting transport) and thus prevented the cutting of 3.5 trees!

The workshop was a continuation of an impact workshop we conducted 3 years ago for 300 J.D.C. employees who turned the terminal yard from a neglected scrap yard into a thriving nursery.

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