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Kuchinate <3 Kol Zchut

social impact November 2019 Tel Aviv, Israel

Kuchinate (crochet in Tigrinya) is a collective of African asylum seeking women living in Tel Aviv. The socio-psychological project aimed at empowering these women, giving them the opportunity to earn money and have a breath of air outside from the harsh realities of their lives through a work grounded in African culture. Since 2011, Kuchinate has changed the lives of dozens of women, most of them mothers, whom the collective serves as a source of income and a second home.

In our social impact workshop, Kol Zchut has created a lovely seating area for Kuchinate that will allow the girls to sit outside – breathe the fresh air while knitting. The shelves units made during Birthright’s workshops have become a home for the dolls, notebooks and baskets of the collective.

Ready? Breath in, and again - let’s start from the end
Working with their hands and hearts during the workshops
The “before” pics - what a fix!
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