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Levinsky library <3 WIX

social impact August 2019 Tel Aviv, Israel

For many years now, the Levinsky Library is not only a “library”, but it functions as a unique community center where educational and cultural activities are held for children living in southern Tel Aviv. The library is among the few community centers operating in the neighborhood with immigrant children and asylum seekers. The center works to promote the educational, social and political abilities of the kids and increases their confidence by supporting their parents.

In our CSR workshop, Wix team created new cabinets for games, benches and shelves for the library. The children of wix employees also attended their own workshop (why do adults only get to do all the fun stuff?) And created new equipment carts that replaced the old and broken ones.

Breath in, and again - let’s start at the end
Working with their hands and hearts during the workshops
The “before” pics - what a fix!
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