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Mazeh 7 – Sustainability Space

architecture & design December 2021 Tel Aviv, Israel

In the heart of Tel Aviv, within a short distance of Allenby St, seats the Tel Aviv Municipality’s Young Adults Center, in a spectacular Bauhaus building, surrounded by a flourishing and hidden piazza.

The center is a space that allows connection between the city’s young adults, promoting ideas, encouraging social entrepreneurship, a shared work space and events space for the benefit of the city’s young adults. The connection between the center and MOLET is natural and based on shared values ​​- creative thinking, sustainability and action for the city and the people who live in it.

This year, a new sustainability space was built in the center, where we designed modular furniture tailored to the needs of the space. We have created shared work desks, a shelving system, waste separation bins for recycling different materials and a magnetic modular seating system made of upcycled wood cubes that connect to each other and allow different seating options.

To create the Space we used 65 pallets collected from around the city, and thus we, together with Mazeh 7 who chose us to create the furniture, prevented the felling of 5 trees.


Photographer: Assaf Pinchuk

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