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Molet house TLV

architecture & design December 2017 Benn Gamliel 2, Tel Aviv, Israel

MOLET house is a global hub for design, culture and sustainability. Here is where all the magic happens – workshops, showroom, patio and the studio along with new developing projects.

Formerly an aluminum factory, centrally located on the edge of Jaffa´s Flea Market and a minute from the beach. The neighborhood is home to other artists, craftsman, and innovators, which contributes to the strong connection with the community.   


The main purpose of our renovation was to remove any barriers that interrupted the flow of the space.  Having an easily circulated space helps with productive work and encourages open communication between the team and all visitors.  


The MOLET House is our biggest Design and Do It Yourself (DDIY) project yet!  Meaning, we thought it up from the preliminary design sketches, developed it, and then completed it with our own hands.  The site needed a lot of clearing up, much like the abandoned wooden pallets that we use as raw materials.


Our house opens the door to many other houses and emotions. Everyone’s invited.  We’ll partner together on a design adventure that leads to better living.

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