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Nahariya Youth Center

social impact March 2021 Nahariya, Israel

The Youth Center in Nahariya is an incubator for the young residents of the city, an open place for ideas, dreams, achieving goals, shared discourse and self-fulfillment. He accompanies the young people through the various stages in their lives, after release, choosing a career and starting a family.

The Municipality of Nahariya, in collaboration with the ‘City’ project of the Green Building Council, decided to initiate a placemaking project in the yard of the city youth center. The process of planning the space was full of creativity, while understanding the needs of the community that is forming around the youth center. We took part in the design and creation of the furniture, which included a long bar table with benches overlooking the street. The workshop participants were students from the city, who have created a designed, comfortable and sustainable work area for themselves and their community.

The project is a collaboration with the ‘Sira’ creative collective.

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