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Shoofra Haifa

architecture & design April 2017 Haifa, Israel

Who? Shoofra is a shoe brand, popular amongst fashionistas and design passionates. The brand had launched a new store in Haifa.

The Challenge? Using a big space to tell three different stories – the casual line, the trendy line and the outlet. Since Shoofra is known for its innovative choices and on-the-spot collections, the new store had to present a very interesting and complete shopping experience for its customers.

What did we do? Simple – Three stories, three areas, indisputably different, yet undeniably connected. The sneakers and casual footwear area, geometrically designed, playing with perspectives, used a grid as a canvas, creating a full display system from one module.

The outlet area is organized in three small scale containers, inspired by the shoes journey from the ship >>> Haifa’s port >>> the Shoofra store.

The trendy avant garde area took the brand’s logo, the most basic and purest of shapes, the circle, combining it in many different ways.

Collaboration with Dale Design studio.

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