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Shoofra & Molet pop up store

architecture & design September 2017 Ramat Aviv mall, Tel Aviv, Israel

Who? Shoofra is a shoe brand, popular amongst fashionistas and design passionates. The brand has launched a Pop-up shop in Ramat Aviv Mall. We were called to design it. Plus, it was a good opportunity to present our new collection.

The Challenge? The relationship between shoes and woods is…

What did we do? Shoofra & MOLET share a non-conformist conception of design, based on a bottom-up point of view. This baseline has been leading our “Out of the Pallet” approach towards the project. We’ve created a big container-like wall, combined with geometric bright colored shapes. We’ve also built a pallet wall to display the brands bags. Our new collection and Shoofra’s shoes complimented each other, as both were equally holding a high-end nonchalant vibe.

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