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Design, Sustainability, Education & Community meet at Sommer School

architecture & design October 2021 Ramat Gan, Israel

The Sommer School is an anthroposophical school, connected to rounded, soothing and flowing lines.

We, who are used to working with upcycled wood with sharp angles and straight lines, faced a design challenge that created a fascinating work process whose result created original and surprising elements – an arched and enveloping ceiling, which keeps the children in an “imaginary world”, rounded and dynamic seating areas and intimate learning corners.

The circular shapes and use of natural materials connected to the perception of the school and of course to ours as well, creating a sense of warmth, productive and pleasant learning environment.

The production process of the project included a workshop for the school’s educational staff in which they designed and created some of the project elements and furniture, including a renovation of some of the school’s old furniture, which was given new life and became an integral part of the project’s design line.

As a design studio with a sustainable agenda, which combines environmental and social values ​​and the belief that design is a tool for social improvement and change, this project creates a natural combination of environmental, educational and social impact.

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