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architecture & design June 2014 Kibutz Yakum, Israel

Who? TYR is a world-renowned brand creating professional and recreational swimwear and water sports gear. Our first project as MOLET studio was to design the brand’s showroom in Kibbutz Yakum.

The Challenge? Staying dry and keeping it cool by the pool. Plus, display of flat packaged products is a tricky one.

What Did We Do? Inspired by the freshness of swimming pools and the TYR vibe, we totally went for a watery inspired space. The tiles, very much like pool ceramics, were created using cutting edge CNC technology. We designed showcasing islands and played with different heights. The brand’s logo got our special treatment as well, as we 3D layered it.

Every island displayed different TYR accessory, positioned in the right way to fully understand its greatness. No island felt deserted eventually.

Collaboration with Dale Design studio.

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