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UBQ & MOLET, Doing Good Together

architecture & design July 2021 Tel Aviv - Jaffa, Israel

When UBQ says they care, it’s not just about their material or waste conversion processes. UBQ’s idea of caring covers every aspect of their business and directly influences decision making that steers towards positive impacts on our environment. That’s why when their factory needed remodeling, they opted for a more sustainable way and called us to the task.


We offered an innovative design to their factory entrance powerwall . We completed the project using 350 kg of upcycled wood from 28 upcycled pallets, saving the logging of 2 pine trees!

Another conscious aspect of this collaboration was being able to reduce the GHG footprint of the wood sourcing and transportation process. Using a regular carpenter, the distance would have been up to 10,000 km –considering most wood is sourced from countries like Ukraine, Canada, Sweden, and numerous others– but we were able to minimize this to just 200 km.

Our projects are all about giving new life to discarded materials, just like UBQ’s mission of waste conversion. We both take initiative in our actions to create positive social change that enables revolutionary innovation for the future of our environment. Together we are setting new industry standards and showing our networks where our priorities lie: with the preservation of our planet.

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