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WIX x AMEN (Feminine Healing Ground)

social impact July 2021 North, Israel

AMEN is a home for women suffering from post-trauma after sexual violence. A home that provides a real, professional, inclusive and embracing solution for women, which manages to regain control of their lives, focusing on farming and making.

The house is located in the heart of a grove, surrounded by a large yard and in its center an outdoor kitchen, which is the beating heart of the house. Where the women meet on a daily basis, workshops are held.

We decided to upgrade the kitchen, with everything tailored to the needs of the house and the atmosphere of the place.

To build it all, a team from Wix came to our studio, and with their incredible energies, we built shelving units and dining tables, which together create a large knighthood-kind table.

When we arrived for the installation of the furniture, we conducted an intimate and unique workshop for the women of the place. We did the workshop inside a yurt tent, among the forest trees. We built planters, sanded and painted together, and showed the participants that wood is an accessible material, and they too, despite the difficulty, can work with it and create special beautiful things.

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