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WIX x JLM Food Rescuers

social impact June 2021 Jerusalem, Israel

The JLM Food Rescuers work in the wholesale market in Jerusalem and work to promote a sustainable urban food system with an emphasis on reducing food waste on all levels. In an impact workshop with 40 Wix employees, we created for them a combined space for cooking workshops (with surplus produce from the market), a showroom for the rescuers’ activities and a salon where volunteers and visitors can meet.

The rectangular shape of the space and the different needs led to the design of 2 shelving units that are used to display the various goods that are prepared on-site, storage and also as partitions that divide the space. In addition, we specially designed for this workshop a piece of new sofa furniture based on pallet cubes and upcycled ‘Tnuva’ stools with wooden seats.

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